Love Your Life to Live Your Life

Love Your Life to Live Your Life

You can start loving life all over again. Normally, people say that “where do I have time for all this.” However, once you start loving your life, you start living better. You achieve more in shorter periods of time, your health improves, and you attain a fulfilling wholesome richness (which includes money).

Love Your Life to Live Your Life

Love Your Life to Live Your Life

Different people, different wishes. You need to figure out what your calling in life is. Is it a high-powered job; picture-perfect family; big, extravagant home; or beautiful body. Whatever it is, strive to develop a strategy to achieve it. Don’t go about doing what you “have” to do, instead do what you “want” to do, although it is easier said than done.

Make Life Worth Living

There is nothing wrong in making a whole lot of money. However, do not expect money to give you “happiness.” Yes, money gives you “comforts”, not “happiness.” There are some activities that give you happiness, though, which are:

Value Your Life and Others’: We get only one life and we simply cannot afford to waste it. Live life with a smile. Smile not only improves face value, but also your relationships. Every day, keep that smile glowing for your loved ones, parents, husband, children. Don’t take life or anybody for granted.

Keep a Gratitude Record: List out at least 5 (if not 10) things you need to be grateful about. Then read them every day first thing in the morning and also whenever you feel a little doubtful about life. This is a good exercise to pep you up. According to a study conducted in Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, daily gratitude exercises resulted in higher reported levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy. In addition, those in the gratitude group experienced less depression and stress. They were more likely to help others, exercised more regularly, and made greater progress toward achieving personal goals.

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Build on Your Strengths: Everyone comes with their own list of strengths and weaknesses. Find out what your personal strengths are and build on it each day in a small way, whether others approve of it or not. This will give you immense confidence to go on.

Be Physically Active: Exercise is a simple way in which you get your daily dose of “feel good hormones.” Exercise releases the hormones serotonin and endorphins, which makes you feel happy and relaxed. This in turn gives you the confidence to go about your daily chores with pleasure as well as keeping yourself physically fit. Start with 10 minutes of exercise daily. This will give you a confidence that you have left your laziness away.

Stress-Free Your Life: Sometimes, the road rash or the traffic jams tend to get on your nerves, and builds up stress inside you. Doing something as simple as (deep) breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth and repeating this 3 to 4 times, instantly gives you a feeling of calm. This is because more oxygen rushes to your bloodstream when you do this. There are many other techniques such as yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, which effectively drives away tension, depression, anxiety and stress.

Celebrate and Share: We normally teach our kids to share their toys and food with their friends. This instills in them the importance of sharing. Whether you donate a huge amount of money to some neighborhood charity or volunteer to share your insights and expertise with a local school, club, or community center, it is going to give you a lot of pleasure (apart from making the taker happy). Research shows that volunteering can make you happier and improve your well-being.

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Appreciate People: All your relationships (whether personal or professional) have the capacity to contribute something to your growth. Therefore, don’t ignore or take any relationship for granted. The trust and openness you share with the important people in your life gives you the confidence to surge ahead in life. Build a cordial relationship with the people you meet.
Love Yourself: Taking time out for yourself is “the” most important thing to bring back the bounce in your steps as you tread the path of life. A few tips:

  • Pamper yourself; get a facial, a manicure, a massage, or a haircut.
  • Take a long hot water shower and feel fresh.
  • Plan a trip to the wild, with your loved ones.
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Go for a walk daily.
  • Look into the mirror and tell yourself how pretty/smart you are.
  • Make friends and increase your social network.
  • Forgive yourself, forget the past, and move on.

Sometimes in life, you don’t get to do what you love, but then you end up loving what you do. There is no point in feeling dejected about such matters. Indulge in something you love at other times. For example, you like painting, and you have a very mechanical desk job to do 5 days a week. You could join an art class during the weekend or just paint a few vases or something during the weekend, a few hours, maybe. Such activities will help you face your desk job with renewed enthusiasm.